Men Are Less Likely To Pursue Thrill-Seeking Activities Than Their Fathers

By Mack Rawden 2013-09-02 13:30:00
Over the last thirty-five years, the gender gap has greatly decreased when it comes to participation in “thrill and adventure seeking” activities. On the surface, that might seem like great evidence of progress for women, but new research indicates it’s actually far more of a regression for men, who are now far less likely to participate because of a variety of health and cultural reasons.

Published in the journal Scientific Reports, the study found men are 28% more likely to participate in thrill-seeking activities, as compared to women. The same research, conducted in 1978, found men to be 48% more likely. Participation among women, however, hasn’t greatly increased. Instead, it’s men who account for the change, as they’re simply less likely to get involved. It’s impossible to find one single factor to point to that would explain why such a drop-off has occurred, but the researchers, led by Dr. Kate Cross, point to average fitness levels dropping since 1978 and the easing of gender-related/ cultural differences in behavior. So, in short, men are now fatter and less willing to do things just to forward their own masculinity.

Beyond thrill-seeking activities, the study also examined differences among the sexes as related to a willingness to engage in less adventurous risks like trying new foods. On the whole, no real differences were found there, but when it comes to impulsivity, men were far more likely to make such choices. In addition, they were also more likely to be bored.

There will always be some differences in the sexes as far as what the average person spends money on and/ or does for fun. That’s not inherently a bad thing. It brings a certain balance to the world. It’s just up to all of us to make sure people of either sex aren’t excluded from or made to feel bad about participating in something more commonly linked to people of the opposite sex.
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