Michael J Fox Admits He Hit The Bottle Hard After Parkinson's Diagnosis

By Mack Rawden 2013-09-26 14:54:28
Everyone copes with stress and bad news differently. Some retreat into themselves and refuse to talk about it. Some only want to talk about it. Some develop an obsession with exercise or losing weight or working. For Michael J Fox, it was drinking. After being diagnosed with Parkinsonís he apparently hit the bottle pretty hard, but fortunately for him and his biggest fans, he now has his act together.

Speaking to Howard Stern in a candid interview, the Good Wife actor told the affable host he eventually got to the point where he was drinking every single day to cope with the disappointment of his diagnosis and inability to act. Eventually, his wife looked at him and asked whether it was what he truly wanted to do with his life. It wasnít. So, he got off his ass, began going to therapy and Alcoholics Anonymous and started making steady improvements in his attitude, in his marriage and eventually in his career.

You can take a look at a portion of his chat with Stern belowÖ

There are a lot of celebrities who the general public thinks of as messes. Fox definitely isnít one of them. Throughout his career, his reputation has largely been spotless, and with his brand new Michael J Fox Show set to start tonight, an overwhelming majority of people are rooting for him. Even if it fails, he should have plenty of great opportunities in front of him. He just needs to maintain positivity and look for the silver linings.

Life is a long series of ups and downs, but if one is diligent and proactive about fixing problems, thereís no reason it canít be filled with far more ups, Parkinsonís diagnosis or not.
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