Miley Cyrus Is Sick And In A Bad Mood But Not Pregnant

By Mack Rawden 2013-06-20 18:24:21
Few things in life suck more than going to the doctor when you’re sick. Just getting up the stairs or making soup can feel like a burdensome effort, and sitting in a cold room waiting to be poked and prodded by another human being is exponentially worse than either of those activities. We’ve all been there before, but fortunately for many of us, we haven’t had to deal with the paparazzi on top of it. Unfortunately for Miley Cyrus, she cannot say the same thing.

The starlet was inside a doctor’s office in Los Angeles yesterday when she emerged with an angry expression. It soured even further when a female photographer asked her if she was pregnant. You can take a look at her less than sympathetic, PG-13 response below…

I get the appeal of wanting to know details about a celebrity’s personal life. I’ve definitely been keeping up on the twists and turns of the royal birth. Further, I get that often the way this information is discovered is through less than forward means, but some common sense really would have been in order here. There is absolutely no reason to think Miley is pregnant other than that she’s of pregnancy age and assumedly, sexually active. Besides, if she really were pregnant, I’m pretty sure she’s suave enough at dealing with the media that she would figure out a way to visit the doctor without an army of photographers hanging out in her wake.

Here’s what Cyrus tweeted following the exchange with the photographer…

Apart from the sickness, Miley has actually had a pretty damn good week. Her sexually forward and strangely awesome video for ”We Can’t Stop” was released, and it’s been played on a steady rotation ever since. In fact, the video recently broke the record for most Vimeo plays of a music video by a female artist in a twenty-four hour period, which is damn impressive for a former television star who haters assumed would lose her career when Hannah Montana was cancelled.

Given her fame level and how much the media loves an unwed mother, its likely Cyrus will be battling off pregnancy rumors for years. For her sake, however, I hope she doesn’t actually take that step until she’s put plenty of thought into it.
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