Minnesota Woman Goes To Hospital For Back Pain, Delivers Surprise Baby

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Over the weekend, Trish Straine of Duluth, Minnesota went for a two hour run as part of her training for an upcoming half marathon. Afterward, she started feeling intense back pain, and when it didnít let up, she decided to head to the hospital the next day. She expected doctors would likely diagnose her with a pulled muscle or a ruptured disc, but the truth turned out to be far more complicated: she was pregnant and about to go into labor.

According to The Minnesota Star Tribune, Strain never seriously considered the idea she could be pregnant because her husband had a vasectomy some years ago, and she never gained any weight or experienced any morning sickness. Luckily, the thirty-three-year-old and her husband John took the news extremely well, and when their baby girl officially entered the world, they decided to name her Mira as a nod toward her being a miracle.

A woman giving birth without any knowledge of her pregnancy is obviously not an everyday occurrence, but as anyone who has seen I Didnít Know I Was Pregnant can attest to, it does happen, largely because there is no single way all women experience pregnancy. Most might have morning sickness or weight gain, but there are quite a few who do not. With irregular periods caused by age, new types of birth control and/ or simple variance, itís possible for a woman not to experience any of the typical warning signs, especially if sheís convinced herself pregnancy is not an option.

Pop Blendís sincerest congratulations go out to the Straine family. Hereís to hoping theyíre just as happy as others who planned a little more.
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