Mulan Animator Claims He Broke Up Kris And Robert Kardashian

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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There were reportedly many problems at the heart of Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashianís relationship that eventually pushed the couple to divorce, but there was perhaps no single culprit more responsible than infidelity. Kris has been remarkably open about her decision to flee into the arms of another man, even writing about it in her memoir, but sheís never publicly revealed who that man was. He was dubbed ďRyanĒ in the book, but his identity has remained a secret, at least until he decided to out himself this week.

In an interview with Star Magazine, Todd Waterman claims he had a year and a half long affair with Kris prior to and in the midst of her divorce. Robert Kardashian reportedly mentioned him by name during the legal proceedings, but it was all over by the time Kris met Bruce Jenner in the early 1990s.

Itís unlikely youíve heard of Todd Waterman, but heís reasonably well known within the animation industry. He worked on such films as Mulan and Rugrats In Paris and recently directed a few episodes of Transformers Prime. At the time he met Kris, he was a twenty-four year old soccer player training with the L.A. Heat. She was ten years older and very unhappily married. The two clicked and saw each other in secret until Robert caught wind of the infidelity.

Itís not clear exactly why Waterman chose now to come forward or what his motivation might nave been for squealing, but his story sounds believable enough. Weíll see whether Kris comments publicly on the allegation in the next few days.

And in case you were wondering if Waterman might be Khloe Kardashianís father, heís not. Even if Robert isnít the dad, which he probably is, this affair didnít begin until years after Khloe was born.
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