The Olympic Village Is A Den Of Debauchery

By Mack Rawden 2012-07-14 13:10:53
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Olympic athletes consistently cite living in the village among their favorite memories. Now, I guess, we know why. There’s apparently a ton of skanky, raunchy, random sex that goes on. From hot tub orgies to people just going at it between buildings, a remarkably high percentage of competitors hook up during the games, and some of them have finally decided to share their secrets.

ESPN just published a feature in which it interviewed dozens of athletes to get the dirt on the Olympic village experience, and their stories are even more shocking than you may have guessed. Swimmer Ryan Lochte claims between seventy and seventy-five percent of competitors have sex during the couple of weeks they’re in attendance. One American female who chose to remain anonymous even told the outlet two German bobsledders once tried to trade her their gold medal for sexual favors.

Not wanting their athletes to be tired or distracted during their events, some coaches impose strict rules on their athletes bringing people into the bedroom, but for most, it apparently does little good as competitors will sneak out and find partners wherever they can. Following Canada’s hockey win at the Vancouver Games, the team supposedly got drunk inside one of the dry lounges and within hours, various players were seen making out on couches with random women like they were still in high school.

The Olympics might not have been created to foster hook-ups, but if everyone is ready, willing and able, there’s nothing wrong with making a few memories of a whole different sort.
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