Parker Begs Smithsonian Museum Personaly For Laptop And Desk

By Celeb Stink 8 years ago
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Sarah Jessica Parker had to beg curators of Washington D.C. museum The Smithsonian to return her Sex And The City character's desk and laptop, so she could use them in the forthcoming movie.

The iconic set accessories - used by Parker's journalist character Carrie Bradshaw - were donated to the museum when the hit show's run came to an end in 2004.

Parker reveals bosses at the institute were so reluctant to return them - it took a personal phone call from the star herself. She tells, "After the series finale The Smithsonian called us to ask for the desk and laptop from the TV show.

They only released it back (for use for the film) after I made several personal calls. When it was suggested I use a replica because no one would know it a replica, I said 'I will know.' We had to have that desk - as a writer, it's an extension of you." (IG/WNWCOA)

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