Photo Blend: Sexy Kat Dennings

By Leanne Cari 2011-05-06 15:22:51
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We gave you a look at Kat Dennings on the red carpet with the rest of her Thor co-stars earlier today, but let's face it, she deserves her own photo gallery.

Dennings has been acting in film and on television since 2000, when she made her first appearance in an episode of Sex and the City. She didn't really show up on anyone's radar though, until 2005 when she appeared in The 40 Year-Old Virgin opposite Steve Carell. Since then she's been headed straight for the top and after Thor, you'll be able to see her next in Renee as a girl battling drugs and depression.

Here's Kat Dennings at her sexiest in today's Photo Blend.
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