Podcasts are radio at its finest. As such, they should be lauded and enjoyed, and most importantly shared. I am an official podcast connoisseur, a title I bequeathed upon myself as I have listened to literally - a word that I have, for figuratively the first time ever, used correctly here - thousands of episodes of podcasts. These shows come in such varied flavors that anyone can find something to like. While we’ll be starting with many of my own personal favorite shows, this is about exploring new shows as much as sharing old ones. From the dreadfully popular to the freaky basement recordings of strangers, welcome to Podcap. This week we visit with The Smartest Man In The World, for the episode Buzzers, released January 13, 2014.

What Is This Proopcast?

Greg Proops is most likely known to you from the improv show Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, and most unfortunately as one of the heads of the podrace announcer in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. With Smartest Man In The World he takes to the stage in a mix of stand up, soapbox rhetoric, and wordsmithery. Unlike a traditional podcast, Professor Proops records his show live in the style of a one man show, most often around California at places like the Nerdmelt theater or as is the case with “Buzzers, at the Punchline in his hometown of San Francisco. You’ll find as you listen to the show that Greg is at home just about anywhere in the world, and he often has the most insightful things to say while abroad.

WTF Is With All The Inside Jokes?

As podcasts are ongoing shows with their own sordid list of quirks, it’s often difficult to jump in and get what the deal is. In Smartest you’ll often hear Greg deal with this problem directly as at times audience members will be taken aback by the decidedly non-stand up comedy routine being performed. So the first thing you should know about this show is that Greg deals with hecklers and audience malcontents with wrathful precision, giving no quarter to those who would interrupt.

The show also has utilized Greg’s last name to cheekily augment the podcasting world’s slang. This is a proopcast, and you get to watch his royal Proopness dispense with proopitude on many subjects. More often than not you’ll hear a lengthy talk about how evil the corporations are and how they’re hoarding the wealth for themselves. Senor Proops is quite knowledgeable on the subject, and even better is passionate. But when it comes to true passionate causes, there is none higher than feminism for our master of ceremonies. He is an avowed feminist who is downright vicious with his hatred of the misogyny prevalent in our culture. No other man is as eloquent and approachable with their explanations of feminism as Greg Proops.

Kittens McTavish, oh boy. As The Smartest Man In The World is a live show in front of an audience, there had to be a visual aid at some point. Or maybe not, but in any case one exists in the form of a printed photo of a disturbingly orange cat named Kittens McTavish. The joke started a bit as an exclamation as Greg would talk about something and respond to himself with the phrase, “Kittens McTavish!” Eventually a voice was created, and the character would have its own thoughts on subjects. The character hasn’t been as prevalent in recent episodes, but even in “Buzzers” there’s a brief appearance.



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