Politician Furious Lil Wayne Doesn't Like New York City

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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New Yorkers arenít often thought of as among the more easily offended, but apparently, when it comes to the city they share, wild overreactions are good politics. New York State Senator Malcolm Smith has announced heís holding a press conference this evening to condemn Lil Wayne for saying he doesnít like New York. Yup. You did not read that sentence incorrectly. A politician has called a press conference to demand an apology from a musician because of his negative opinion concerning the biggest city in the United States.

Lil Wayne made his allegedly offensive comment during an interview with MTV News on Monday. You can take a look at the words State Senator Smith finds so horrifying belowÖ
"Flat out: I don't like New York."

If you take it from Sen Smith, Lil Wayne should have to like New York City because itís ďthe birthplace of the Hip Hop music movementĒ and a location filled with millions who ďlisten to his music every day.Ē Some of them are reportedly ďoutragedĒ by his words, and consequently, the politician feels itís his job to make the situation right.

Bashing a city might not be the best way to please a fanbase, but itís obnoxious to think more than a slither of New Yorkers actually give a shit what one rapper thinks about their city. Thatís what actually makes New York City so great. Itís not because some politician can force an apology out of a celebrity. Itís because millions of people think, ďthis city I live in is awesome, and if youíre stupid enough to disagree, thatís your loss.Ē
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