President Obama Excuses An 11-Year-Old From School

By Jessica Grabert 4 years ago
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Last week, President Obama traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota where he prepared to meet with members of the populace in the surrounding area. On Friday, the President headed over to the Honeywell factory, where he was set to speak. As it turns out, during the speech, Obama had a few special attendees, one of which needed something extra important from the man in charge.

Attending the event was Tyler Sullivan, a fifth grade student who skipped school to go with his father, Ryan Sullivan, to hear the president speak. During the time of Obamaís visit, there was a meet and greet, and the lucky 11-year-old got a chance to talk with the 50-year-old leader. According to People, the President then did something very specialóhe basically wrote Sullivan a get out of jail free card to give to the kidís teacher, a Mr. Ackerman, that effectively excused the boy from school.

Now that the cat is out of the bag regarding Mr. Sullivanís whereabouts, the boyís teacher, Mr. Ackerman, will have a big decision on his plate. While one would hope the lovely little note from the U.S. leader will earn a few chuckles and become a prized possession of the boys, I hope now the event is out nationally, he wonít be in a spot of trouble, too. I know schools have been known to give students a free pass on election day if they are working the polls, but hopefully a more partisan activity is still worthy of a free pass.
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