Rap Star Soulja Boy Turns To Acting

By Celeb Stink 5 years ago
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Rapper Soulja Boy is to make his acting debut in his own biopic, documenting his rise to fame. The Crank That (Soulja Boy) star will lead the cast in the upcoming The DeAndre Way and he insists the film will show his critics what a "true success story" is all about.

He tells AllHipHop.com, "These people have been pitching me this movie idea for so long, and now I am letting them orchestrate my art and tell my story and let people see it on the big screen. A lot of people say ‘Soulja Boy is a one hit wonder, and he’s lucky.' It's not even about music. It's about a success story, but it's a true story from the bottom to the top, a true success story." (MT/WNWCAH/CL)

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