There are few things in the world more disgusting than eyeballs, and as eyeballs go, those from giant squids and swordfish are particularly horrifying. That’s what a man on a leisurely stroll down Pompano Beach found out earlier this week when he spotted a strange object near the water. Upon close examination, it turned out to be this terrifying monstrosity below. Take a look at the picture…

(Image: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Carli Segelson)

The gigantic softball-sized eye was eventually turned over to experts at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in St Petersburg. At this juncture, they’re pretty confident the eye is either from a giant squid or a swordfish, but according to The Associated Press, the definitive scientific answer won’t be in until the genetic analysis currently being run is completed.

As for how the eyeball became dislodged, we’ll probably never know, which means people are free to come up with their own wild theories about ocean battles, vicious conflicts and games of fish operation. Just keep in mind all hypotheses must involve the eyeball popping out cleanly.

We’ll keep you updated as the most brilliant minds of our day continue to pour their energies into examining this hideous eyeball. We need to know.



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