Selena Gomez isn’t exactly the most politically active singer in the United States. In fact, she’s not overly aggressive about any of her opinions, but over the years, the starlet has been supportive of the gay community. Thanks to the new anti-homosexual policies in Russia, that’s a big no-no, and the powers that be have decided to deny her visa, likely because of her views.

Gomez was scheduled to perform concerts at St. Petersburg’s Ice Palace on September 23 and Moscow’s Olimiisky stadium on September 25, but according to E! News, both of those dates have now been cancelled. No doubt the fans who had purchased tickets to the gigs are disappointed, but it’s unlikely the cancellation came as a big shock to any of them. Russian authorities were none too pleased about both Madonna and Lady Gaga advocating for gay rights from the stage at concerts last year, and they were downright irate at the Bloodhound Gang for using the country’s flag as toilet paper. Coupled with the new laws against promoting homosexuality around children, whatever the hell that means, and it probably would have been more of a surprise if they let Gomez take the stage.

If nothing else, this case offers Gomez a massive dose of street cred. She may not be quick to cut a bitch of even to stir up controversy, but for the rest of her life, she can now say she was kept out of Russia for her dangerous opinions and views on life. That’s a pretty good party story, and more importantly in getting it, she’s once again stuck up for all of her homosexual fans. Sometimes true advocacy isn’t about shouting the loudest or being belligerent. It’s simply about standing firm and not agreeing to keep your mouth shut in exchange for a visa.

Pop Blend’ sincerest thoughts go out to the LGBT community in Russia. Here’s to hoping popular sentiment changes sooner rather than later, and in addition to full governmental rights, all citizens are allowed to see whoever the hell they want perform.



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