Should Mindy McCready Go To Jail For Stealing Her Child?

By Mack Rawden 2011-12-01 23:55:02
It’s been a crazy week for troubled country singer Mindy McCready. On Tuesday, the thirty-six year old failed to return her son after a scheduled visit, prompting Florida police to file a missing persons report. The next day, she checked in with authorities and told them the child was safe with her in Tennessee. Officers generously threw her a get of jail free card, vowing if she returned by 5 PM today, they’d drop the matter. Unfortunately, she returned their kindness with a slap in the face, arguing she couldn’t travel because she’s seven months pregnant and wasn’t guilty of a crime because you can’t steal something that belongs to you.

Not surprisingly, the state of Florida disagreed with her assessment of the situation, and now the deadline has passed. According to News Press, McCready did not return the child, and a judge has issued an order directing the kid to be taken and returned to the singer’s mother, the five-year-old’s legal guardian, as soon as he’s found.

It seems likely that will happen within the next few days, but whether or not McCready will be arrested when it happens has not been announced. Cops would be well within their rights to take her in and formally charge her for absconding with her son, but issues like this aren’t always black and white. It’s entirely possible she could just lose some visitation rights or be ordered to take a class on proper parenting behavior.

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Should Mindy Go To Jail For Stealing Her Child?


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