Sir Paul McCartney Awarded The French Legion Of Honour

By Jessica Grabert 2012-09-08 11:17:57
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The French Legion of Honour is usually given out to individuals who perform great services in the country of France, including in the military or the arts. However, sometimes the French government changes it up and gives out the award to an American or another European for the hell of it. This year, Sir Paul McCartney has managed to earn the distinction for his services to the world of music.

The former Beatles and Wings musician was awarded the Legion of Honour on Saturday morning, at the Élysée Palace in Paris. The ceremony was a private one and featured a speech from the President, as well as actually giving McCartney the cool little medallion he earns with the distinction. The Legion of Honour comes for McCartney just six months after he hit another big milestone: getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The list of French Legion of Honour inductees is decently long and really weird. Americans Jerry Lewis and Robert Redford both have been awarded the honor, as have British famous faces Sir Laurence Oliver and Queen Elizabeth II. Recently, actress Salma Hayek even earned the distinction. Yes, the woman who wore a "What the Frak" t-shirt on 30 Rock has her own shiny medallion.

The more interesting tidbits of the day were some of French President François Hollande’s side comments during the ceremony. Apparently, the man is a Paul guy. The Guardian reported the news, stating the President actually told McCartney he favored the more happy-go-lucky singer over his more intense Beatles writing partner, John Lennon, back in the day. There’s no word on where Harrison or Ringo fit into Hollande’s equation, but I’m guessing they didn’t really even compute.
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