Snoop Dogg Offers 20 Reasons Why He's Voting For Obama And Against Romney

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Sometimes the who isnít nearly as interesting as the why when it comes to casting votes. Earlier this week, Snoop Dogg announced heíll be pulling the lever for President Obama, which is neither surprising nor noteworthy. Luckily, he also offered a detailed list of the specifics that led him to such a decision, which is both hysterical and hopefully, a joke.

Entitled ďThatís YĒ, the list is handwritten on a piece of notebook paper, and it was published on Instagram yesterday. It offers 10 reasons why Snoop is voting for Obama and 10 reasons why heís voting against Romney. Iím not sure thereís a single real issue in any of the twenty entries, but hey, itís still worth reading. You can take a look at the entry belowÖ

Warning: It contains some foul language, and, of course, is wildly biasedÖ

I have no idea how hard Snoop was laughing while writing this list, but heís extremely clever at knowing what amuses people. This list has raced around the Internet in the last twenty-four hours, and itíll only get bigger from this point forward.

Donít expect President Obama to publically thank Snoop for his unwavering support, but when no one else is looking, Iím sure heíll still glance at it and smile.
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