Soulja Boy Tells Fans He's Innocent

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago
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Soulja Boy was released on bail earlier today, but the hip-hop star still has a mountain of charges left to battle. He and four other men were arrested early Tuesday morning after officers noticed a tail light out on their Cadillac Escalade. Upon approaching the vehicle, the authorities caught a strong whiff of marijuana and used it as grounds for a full search. Once inside, they reportedly found forty-six thousand dollars in cash, three guns and five ounces of weed.

According to CBS Atlanta, Soulja Boy told fans waiting outside the courthouse that he was ďan innocent manĒ. He may very well be, but thanks to inconsistencies in the stories of the five men, all were charged with felonies including intent to distribute. Under Georgia law, one need only to possess an ounce to be considered a dealer, and a whole lot more than that was found in the Escalade.

If the charges stick, all five men could be looking at serious jail time, which is why it seems likely at least one of the defendants will admit guilt and plead out. Thereís no way the guns and weed were actually shared property. Someone paid for them. As a famous musician who once tricked the world into thinking he spent fifty-five million on a plane, Soulja Boy seems the most logical money man. That doesnít mean he bought the illegal items. We have no way of knowing the financial situations of any of the other men; so, itís important not to rush to judgment.

Itís unclear when Soulja Boy might be headed back to court, but if there is a trial, weíll bring you all the details.
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