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A Guy Is Suing Disney World After He Was Apparently Bitten By A Poisonous Snake

A man from Pennsylvania is suing the famous theme park after being partially paralyzed by a venomous snake he encountered in one of the resort's pools.

Disney World Finally Removes Steven Tyler's Obscene Gesture

Well, Disney World has finally recognized an obscene gesture from Steven Tyler that's been a part of one of its rides for almost two decades. What was the problem? Read on to find out.

Why A Young Leonardo DiCaprio Was Apparently Kicked Out Of Disney World

While there have already been a handful of young Leo stories, a new one has just come to light, and it involves the happiest place on Earth.

Disney World Visitor Jokes About Meth, Gets Banned From Parks For Life

There are few instances when Disney World just isn’t the Happiest Place on Earth. And I’m not even talking about the long lines and screaming children. I’m talking about the few instances so bad that you get kicked out of the park.

Toy Story Land And Avatar's Pandora Are Coming To Disney Parks

Big announcements from Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA and among them news of a few exciting expansions to Disney Parks. Headlining was most likely the new interactive Star Wars Land which plans to immerse fans into the world of Star Wars complete with Cantina’s and a Millennium Falcon ride. But other expansions are also being made for different fandoms including a Toy Story Land and Avatar’s Pandora.

Disney Parks Confirm Star Wars Expansion, Sounds Better Than We Could Have Imagined

The D23 Expo would not be complete without some mention of Star Wars; the sci-fi saga represents one of Disney’s biggest cash cows, and the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens made it a guarantee. However, Disney just made an announcement primed to send global Star Wars fans into frenzy.

Driving Instructor Dies In Car Crash At Disney World Speedway

A tragic accident occurred yesterday afternoon at Walt Disney World in the Exotic Driving Experience attraction.

Disney Parks Changing Disabled Access Policy After Users Cheat The System

Under the current rules, those parties with a disabled family member are able to get a Guest Assistance Card, which allows the disabled person and up to six guests to be ushered through a separate “attraction entrance.” The Guest Assistance Card (GAC) will soon be replaced by a new system called the Disabled Assistance System. In the parks, several kiosks will be set up to assist anyone holding a DAS card. The card changeover will occur on October 9.

Wealthy Disney World Visitors Reportedly Paid A Handicapped Guide To Help Them Cut The Lines

Disney World is known for going out of their way to make their parks clean, accessible and an enjoyable experience for all of their patrons - from secluded but accessible designated smoking spots to baby stations where parents can feed and change their young ones away from the hustle and bustle of the parks. There are also special entrances at the attractions for disabled visitors...

Disney World's Epcot Turns 30 Today

Those who have never visited Walt Disney World Resort in Florida may be under the misconception that the vacation spot is merely an oversized DIsney-themed amusement park, with a Mickey on every corner and a lot of gift shops and rides in between. Those who have been there any time within the last few decades know better. Among the many reasons Disney World ranks above and beyond so many other family focused vacation spots is Epcot, a theme park on the property that celebrates technology and culture. Epcot celebrates its thirtieth birthday today!

4-Year-Old Denied Make-A-Wish Trip By Father Because She Beat Leukemia

Four-year-old McKenna May has spent more than half of her short life battling leukemia. She was first diagnosed at two and has since undergone numerous aggressive treatments to fight the disease. On the referral of her physician, the little girl was signed up for the Make-A-Wish program, and the charity quickly and generously granted her dream: a trip to Disney World.

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