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Watch LeVar Burton Promote The Reading Rainbow Kindle Fire App

My sister has a Kindle Fire, and my nephews can't keep their hands off it. They love it for the games, but the oldest is getting to reading age, which is partially why the promotional video caught my attention. The other reason is because, as a child of the 80s and as someone who was about my nephew's age when Reading Rainbow was first airing on PBS, I'm especially appreciative of the mentioned Reading Rainbow App for the Kindle Fire, not to mention LeVar Burton's appearance in the promo.

Amazon Kindle Ad Celebrates Reading From Kids' Perspectives

Just when I was sure I'd said every positive thing I could say about eReaders, and more specifically, my Kindle, Amazon comes out with an ad that focuses on kids and their love of reading. It caused me to wonder if my own reading habits would have been any different had eReaders existed during my youth. I've concluded that the answer is yes and no. In the end, what it comes down to is a love of reading. Books are the ultimate transportation device into the imagination.

Amazon's Cyber Monday Kindle Fire Deal: Should You Get A Kindle?

It's Cyber Monday! Some of you may be scrambling to snatch up every amazing deal or, like me, you're finding yourself constantly having to talk yourself out of "amazing" deals for things you don't really need. I've sworn off for the day (probably not really), but for those who may be enticed by the site's FIREDEAL, which takes $30 off the Kindle Fire tablet, here are a few things to consider about Amazon's Kindle.

Kindle And Audible's Whispersync For Voice Review: The Best Of Both Worlds

As though I didn't already love my Kindle enough, Amazon comes up with Whispersync for Voice, a feature that speaks loud and clear to those of us who love to listen to our books as much as we love to read them. Those readers with busy work schedules and other responsibilities don't always have the option to read as much as we'd like. We find time when we can to get a few pages in.

Amazon Likely To Produce Kindle With Front Lighting

Now, is playing catch-up with the company’s own e-reading device. In the past, Amazon Kindle users have had to attach a light to the Kindle in order to read in the hours after dusk All of that is about to change, thanks to a new Kindle model set to hit the market (likely) in July. The brand new version of the device will come with a front lit screen.

Amazon Unveils The Kindle Owners Lending Library For Kindle Owners With Amazon Prime

It appears Amazon has found a way to make their eReader device the Kindle and the Amazon Prime subscription service even more appealing. The site announced today the beginning of their new feature, the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, which allows Kindle Owners who are also Prime subscribers the opportunity to borrow a bunch a month from a long list of titles.

Barnes & Noble Stops Stocking 100 DC Graphic Novels

In a move that will likely only hurt Barnes & Noble, the bookseller has decided to no longer stock 100 DC graphic novel titles in its brick and mortar stores after word that DC Entertainment stuck an exclusive deal with Amazon to offer that same content to Amazon for its new Kindle Fire tablet.

Amazon's Kindle Fire Commercial: From Kindle Fire Is Born

In case you haven’t made the connection between Kindle and Fire, Amazon brings the two words together with a Voltaire quote in this TV advertisement for their new tablet, which was announced today and is available for purchase later this fall.

Amazon Announces New Kindles, Including The Kindle Fire Tablet

Amazon posted the big announcement, which was expected to be made today. The online store that revolutionized the e-reader with the Kindle is taking their product a few steps further with not one but three new devices, one of which could give the iPad a run for its money.

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