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Today Show Security Stops A Man From Trying To Hurt Himself Outside The Studio

The Today show's security was put to the test this morning when a man reportedly tried to take his own life or otherwise harm himself during today's live taping of the NBC morning show. As Matt Lauer explains in the video above, the show had to open inside the studio today due to the incident. Security crews were forced to temporarily shut down parts of Rockefeller Plaza to handle the situation.

Today Show Fail: Steven Tyler Drops F-Bomb, Shouts Good Morning America

Steven Tyler may have gotten through two seasons of American Idol without burning the place down, but even with all that experience, the Aerosmith lead singer isn’t exactly an ideal live show guest. He’s impulsive, swears like a sailor and now and again, doesn’t exactly overprepare. This morning, all three of those shaky personality quirks reared their ugly heads during an appearance on Today that definitely didn’t go over well with producers.

Will NBC Actually Use Ann Curry In A Meaningful Way?

Ann Curry is a talented woman. Today Show producers might not have had her back when it came time to shuffle the line-up, but the fifty-five-year-old has long proven she’s capable of covering tough stories. In theory, she should be a huge asset for NBC News as a National and International Correspondent, but given how poorly things ended, it’s unclear how much the network will actually choose to use her.

Does NBC Owe It To Ann Curry To Just Fire Her Already?

NBC still hasn’t stepped up and fired Ann Curry, but all indications are she’ll be told to hit the road sometime this upcoming week. There are rumors the network thought by spreading the truth of her termination to the media she’d simply take the hint and leave on her own, but honestly, any Today fan could have told you that plan was idiotic. Ann Curry is a determined professional and the epitome of class.

Charlie Sheen No Longer A Warlock

The tiger blood has lost its flavor for Charlie Sheen, who sat down with Matt Lauer for an interview that will air on the Today Show this Friday. Although he refrained from saying he'd change everything that happened, he admitted he would "amend" some of it.

LaToya Jackson Tells Today Show Michael Feared For His Life Before Murder

LaToya Jackson told host Matt Lauer that her brother lived in fear that he'd be murdered so others could grab hold of his exhaustive music catalog. The legendary pop star owned both his own songs and a slew of other major recordings by some of the most famous musicians in history. The former Celebrity Apprentice star says she didn't believe Michael's claims at first but slowly started coming around as she saw the evidence for herself

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