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WTF? Watch This Lazy Postal Worker Drive Onto Someone’s Lawn

I’m not the world’s most active person. When there’s a choice between taking a moving walkway or an escalator, I’m not opposed to gliding along, but there is a huge difference between selecting the lazier way and behaving like a reckless idiot in order to save yourself thirty steps. Unfortunately for one mail carrier, she found herself decidedly on the wrong side of that line recently

Post Office Backs Off On Plan To Cut Saturday Mail Delivery

Honestly, the post office is facing larger budgetary issues than cutting mail service on Saturdays could possibly achieve. According to plans, cutting Saturday Service would only reduce about $2 billion from the USPS’ budgets, which means there is much more that would need to go to get back in the black. Plus, if mail service is cut down to only five days a week, the time it takes for mail to be delivered would certainly be affected, if only marginally.

US Postal Service To End Saturday Mail Delivery In August

Postmaster General and CEO Patrick Donahue announced in a news conference this morning that the United States Postal Service will stop delivering mail on Saturdays starting on August 5. Forecasts indicate the move will save about two billion dollars a year. Unfortunately, that’s still just a drop in the bucket for the financially struggling company that lost $15.9 billion last year.

Rant: I'll Tell You Exactly Why The Postal Service Is In Danger Of Defaulting

Benjamin Franklin, our nation’s first Postmaster General, would roll over in his fucking grave if he heard that story. Can you ever imagine even the laziest of FedEx employees telling a customer no amount of money could prompt him to do a simple task? No, you can’t because that would never happen. The grace period is over. The United States Postal Service can continue blaming e-mail all it wants

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