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Weekend Download Recommendations: Warm Songs For An Unseasonably Warm Christmas

To celebrate the season, but more-so the temperature, this Weekend Download Recommendations has a list full of fair weather music. Some of these tracks are made for a nice and balmy Christmas and others are just made for some nice and balmy weather. Because, why not? Each track rises to the occasion, just like a wave swelling open for surfers on a hot, sweet beach.

Weekend Download Recommendations: CB's Favorite Artists Do Christmas

It’s that time of the year again, folks. The Holidays are among us, and while most are just getting into the jolly swing of things, others have been in the holiday spirit since Thanksgiving. To either your ire or cheer, songs like “Silver & Gold,” “White Christmas,” “The Grinch,” Amazing Grace,” “The Little Drummer Boy,” “Joy to the World” and “Jingle Bells” have been circulating the radio waves, malls and department stores for a while.

Weekend Download Recommendations: The Music Of The Muppets

This Weekend Downloads Recommendations celebrates some of the tracks and covers that have made the Muppets memorable. We’ll celebrate some sad and some poignant, some overblown and overtly vivacious tracks. As a prerequisite, I would like to point out only Muppet videos will be included, here. We’re talking full blown Muppet movies Muppets, so poor Elmo’s great little songs are unfortunately nixed. Secondly, I know there was some great stuff with live guest stars over the years, -especially on The Muppet Show - but sometimes it seems like the prowess of the star kind of overrides the intention of the track.

Weekend Download Recommendations: Adam Sandler's Best Songs

I still hold the comedian in highest regard because he gave us films like The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore, Bullet Proof and five hilarious comedy albums that all featured his talents as a musician. Everyone needs to stop hating Sandler, because the comedian doesn’t deserve this shit storm. Even though his latest movies have sucked, nobody should forget how much he’s made us laugh in the past.

Weekend Download Recommendations: Great Music Used To Celebrate Goals In Hockey

This Weekend Download Recommendations celebrates those fuckers who get paid to spend careful time deliberating what song to play when a hockey team scores a goal, who play DJ during time-outs and breaks, and who give the ice girls a reason to shake their bums as they clean up debris. There are as many winners as there are losers. Just note your hockey team is disqualified if it employs one of the following goal songs: “Rock’N Roll Part 2” –excepting New Jersey’s “You Suck” addition - “Song 2,” and “Zombie Nation.”

Weekend Download Recommendations: Halloween Songs To Play At Your Party

Halloween is here again, and with it comes many different things. Some people get their kids ready to go out trick-or-treating for candy or older folks might join in on the fun as well. While some people like to throw Halloween parties with required costumes, apple cider and lot’s of alcohol.

Weekend Download Recommendations: Great Songs Featured Perfectly In Movies

If you're as obsessed with the business of entertainment as I am, you know there is no more satisfying cocktail than a good song playing over a great movie scene (or vice versa). I'm not talking original scores or other music created for a film, I mean whatever tunes the filmmakers found that matched their work so perfectly that it could only take the scene to the next level. In my opinion, no good movie was ever made that didn't include amazing music-- you cannot survive without it.

Weekend Download Recommendations: Clarkson, Underwood And American Idol's Finest

This Weekend Download Recommendations celebrates first albums, best performances, and a round of singles from some of Idol’s finest and a few in between. Stick around for a compelling list featuring shots at Chris Brown, hockey references, and a whole lot of eyeliner. Plus, a variety of music suggestions.

Weekend Download Recommendations: Science Fiction Music With Rush, Dr. Octagon, Black Sabbath, Muse and Bowie

Get your helmets on, prepare for flight and don’t forget your partner; the lean mean killing machine, Iron Man. It’s a long distant to the South Side of the Sky, so let’s get this space ship in orbit.

Weekend Download Recommendations: Tom Waits, Louis Armstrong And Others Do Disney

This Weekend Download Recommendations is all about some good covers of some Disney classics. It’s extremely difficult to get a license to re-do a trademarked Disney song. Those who have made the effort deserve credit for trying, but luckily, for every subpar Selena Gomez rendition of “Cruella De Vil”, there’s a Replacements version to prove there is always a little more room left in our hearts, and our iTunes, for more Disney magic.

Weekend Download Recommendations: Songs Radio Stations Avoided After 9/11

The Clear Channel Memorandum of 2001 wasn’t exactly a ban, but it wasn’t a wild rumor, either. As beloved classics disappeared from the radio, word mistakenly spread that many of the most cherished solo artists and bands in history were barred from the radio. Now we know it was simply an advisory, unenforced but still powerful enough to resonate. Unfortunately, the list was neither completely tactful or in good taste

Weekend Download Recommendations: Songs And Albums To Help Lil Wayne Get Over His Crappy Form Of Hip-Hop

During this installment of Weekend Download Recommendations, I’m going to suggest a list of songs and albums for Lil Wayne to consider listening before his next trip into the studio.

Weekend Download Recommendations: Stormy Weather, Bad Moon Rising And A Hurricane Named Irene

Luckily, we’re not expecting a weekend out of a Charley Patton song where 1% of people will be homeless on the morrow. Hopefully no levees will break and no water will done creep through any towns, but we’ll just have to while away our time with some crooning, some CCR, and a little Case. I’ll try to use some considerable words in this article in case any readers are stuck in the middle of a game of scrabble

Weekend Download Recommendations: Getting Ready For School With The Jackson 5, Van Halen And Pink Floyd

Whether or not most of you will admit this, the days of our youth spent in school are some of the most important in our lives.

Weekend Download Recommendations: Millions Of Peaches, Fruit That's Not Fruit And A Tomato Emperor

In honor of Jani Lane and “Cherry Pie,” this Weekend Download Recommendations is a shout out to recent babies named after pulpy substances. It’s a shout out to all youngn’s with blackberry juice on their faces and homeless men scurrying around service berry trees. Fruit is great, even when it’s a mess of mash on the sidewalk. The bands who support fruit are even better.

Weekend Download Recommendations: Green Onions, Dirty Deeds And Black Betty

I always picture Wily E Coyote with an overly confident grin listening to “Misty Mountain Hop” while concocting a giant slingshot to catch roadrunner. I always picture Wilt Chamberlain in a bizarrely colored suit listening to “Black Dog” while bedding several eights one after the other in some creepy VIP room. And I always picture Led Zeppelin themselves in some sort of tour montage climbing the stairs to get on a plane in some strange city with hundred dollar bills hanging out of one pocket, flasks filled with expensive liquor hanging out of the other

Weekend Download Recommendations: Mars Volta, Kid Cudi, Moody Blues And Kay Kay's Weathered Underground

For how subjective experiencing the moon and stars for each person is, there’s still one unifying similarity that always brings most of us together. Music is the bounding element to our lives, and as day turns to night, our close relationship with songs, albums, and music videos is inseparable.

Weekend Download Recommendations: Green Muppets, Green Albums And Islander Goal Celebrations

I’m kind of over theme. In true slacker inspiration, I’ll just bitch about how hard it is to get married to a topic. A lot of times themes are totally regrettable, like the time when a storyteller at my local public library tried to do a goat theme. Once you get past Billy Goats Gruff and some other stupid counting books, there’s just facts. How exciting are goat facts?

Weekend Download Recommendations: Wonka, Wild Covers And Working It Out

In eighth grade, I loved really loved arena rock songs like the aforementioned “Taking Care Of Business” and Lynyrd Skynyrd's “Sweet Home Alabama”. Then, at some point, I got too cool for school and started listening to the Velvet Underground and John Lennon's angry early solo records. I still listen to Lou Reed talk about “Heroin” as his wife and Lennon scream about bullshit gurus in “I Found Out”, but after high school, I actually fell in love with sappy rock all over again

Weekend Download Recommendations: Casey Anthony Inspires Wu-Tang Clan, Beatles, Black Keys, And More

Delving into astrology and the enlightenment we can achieve from Jupiter and Mars aligning, they sang about some fairly wacked out stuff, but damnit do I love this song. Nothing speaks inner happiness and peace like “Let the Sunshine In.”

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