I just started watching The New Girl last week, and though I've found the show surprisingly funny and almost instantly addictive, my timing is awful. The show is on hiatus right now until the end of the World Series, with new episodes not scheduled to air until November 1. Set aside the fact that it's insane to start a new show, turn it into one of the few new hits of the fall, then keep it off the air for a month-- I need to be able to secretly crush on Jake Johnson and also obsess over Zooey Deschanel's wardrobe, and I need to do it now.

Luckily Fox doesn't seem to have abandoned the New Girl crew entirely, and if you've needed your Deschanel fix while also watching baseball, you got the chance last night. Deschanel kicked off the fourth game of the World Series by singing the national anthem in the low, alto voice that defines her band She & Him as well as the New Girl theme song. Take a look at her performance below.

WIth her awesome dress, perfectly coiffed hair and singing voice that would slay at karaoke, Deschanel is doing pretty much everything right in this clip, and is making the wait for new episodes of The New Girl a little less unbearable. If you haven't been watching that show yet, I beg you to catch up before it returns next Tuesday-- it's far funnier and more relevant than you'd ever expect a Fox sitcom to be.



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