Watch This Adorable Little Kid Lie About Why He Opened The Fridge

By Mack Rawden 2013-06-24 17:39:32
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It can be frustrating, dangerous, marriage-ruining and/ or illegal when adults lie, but thereís something about a toddler telling a little fib thatís incredibly adorable, probably because their ruses require such minimal effort to sniff out. Take the above child as an example. Heís clearly ravenous for a popsicle. He needs it. So, he wakes up at 7:30 in the morning in an effort to sneak downstairs and get his hands on his favorite flavor, but unfortunately, he makes a little too much noise and alerts his father, who swoops in and asks for an explanation.

A high percentage of toddlers may have seen the writing on the wall and confessed right then and there, but this kid isnít among that high percentage of toddlers. Heís a member of an elite subset of toddlers thatís willing to push the envelope and risk more trouble in order to potentially score in a big way. So, he puts on his thinking cap and invents a wild excuse about how he only came downstairs because he was worried about the popsicles melting. If they melted, they would all need to be thrown away and then everyone would lose.

It doesnít matter that his explanation doesnít pass the logic test. It doesnít matter that any adult could immediately own him with a ďwhat were you going to do if they were meltingĒ retort. What matters is this little kid had the balls to keep pushing and faced with that level of scrappiness from their own child, most fathers arenít going to have the heart to punish the little guy. After all, I think most men, whether theyíre willing to tell their wives or not, arenít opposed to the idea of raising a child who has a little bit of a used car salesman, fast talker vibe which could potentially get him out of trouble.

The video in question was posted years ago by YouTube user Fariba Motaghi, but for some reason, large quantities of people didnít start catching wind of it until this weekend when it quickly shot up to more than one hundred thousand views. Within the next few days, that number should easily double given how much people love watching footage of children acting a fool.

Hereís to hoping this little kid continues finding the right level of shenanigans. If he remains this cute, heíll be able to get away with a certain level of button-pushing, but thereís always a line that shouldnít be crossed, no matter how cute the sheepish apology faces might be.
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