Watch This Crazy Dude Pound A Bottle Of Everclear

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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A few shots of Everclear are typically strong enough to make most people vomit, but longtime Youtube user, Shoenice22, isnít exactly most people. The crazy bastard has been videotaped doing everything from eating Big Mac boxes to pounding a beer mixed with clumps of his own hair. Earlier this week, he challenged himself to drink an entire bottle of Everclear. It took him thirteen seconds.

Iím typically skeptical of any wild alcohol drinking claims I donít witness with my own eyes, but the sealed packaging coupled with his crazy history make me confident this is completely legitimate. Prepare to be some combination of horrified, impressed and confusedÖ

I would have been impressed by this display even if it was followed by forty minutes of projectile vomiting, but according to the video description, Shoenice22 was vomit free, at least until the footage was officially posted online two hours after the absurd drinking exploits.

Can you imagine how many beers, how many shots and how many bottles of liquors it took this madman to build up to this point? I did two shots of Bacardi 151 once while I was in college, and I had to go sit by myself in the corner for like five minutes to keep it together.

Hereís to hoping this guyís liver has a fighting spirit.
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