Watch Darth Vader Get Choked Out By Albert Einstein

By Steve West 2 years ago
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Introducing stop motion animation genius Patrick Boivin, who has taken the form of action figure animation and made some fantastic videos. His short videos are superb studies in the animation process, and combine the cheeky comedy styling of Robot Chicken with the beauty of Laikaís expressiveness. This one, featuring Darth Vader in a battle with Albert Einstein is so absurd and brilliant.

I mean, I could sit here and watch Einstein force choke Vader for an hour and not get tired of the hilarity. But what really puts it over the top is the moment that Einstein ďaccioísĒ the lightsabre and pockets the thing. The other benefit of this video is that itís so short, I think the credits sequence at the end is longer than the content. Speaking of which, Patrick has a ton of videos on his Youtube channel for you to enjoy. Including a fight between Michael Jackson and Mr. Bean.

Say what? Get yourself over to Mr. Boivinís channel, and lose the next hour of your life to this manís artistic amazitude. Thatís a word I invented because nothing else is apt at describing whatís happening over in that corner of the internet. In addition to the action figures, he uses a baby (I assume his own) to do some insane sequences that include a baby channeling their inner Beatrix Kiddo on a dragon.

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