Whoops: Check Out Footage Of This Disastrous Drive Test

By Mack Rawden 2013-08-02 12:34:41

Life is filled with a lot of nerve-wracking moments. One of the more underrated ones is having your first drive test. With a combination of excitement and nerves, you sit behind the wheel, usually as a teenager, and pray everything goes smoothly enough to pass. The problem is, thereís an incredible number of things to remember. From putting your seat belt on to parallel parking in the correct manner to signaling before you change lanes. To seasoned drivers, all of this stuff is second nature, but to a kid who hasnít spent a ton of time behind the wheel, itís very tricky, which is why some people legitimately fail.

Take this girl in the above video for example. I donít know for positive that she failed, but letís be serious. She failed. Tasked with working her way around a road course to get her Korean driverís license, the poor girl makes it about five seconds and maybe twenty feet before not only crashing but totaling the vehicle. Her poor instructor sounds completely bewildered, and while you canít see it in the video, I would imagine she departed the broken vehicle and shed a few tears. After all, apart from someone dying, Iím not sure her excursion could have gone any worse.

Not a lot of people in the United States have dashboard cameras, but for insurance and police purposes, many drivers in the rest of the world do. From frightening accidents to sweet lifesaving maneuvers to airplane wrecks, these cameras provide a record of it all. Thereís definitely something a little Big Brother-y about it, but it actually does yield sensible and productive results too. Besides, who wouldnít want to make a highlight video of great animal-avoiding swerves and quick passes to get around trucks? That sounds like an awesome Christmas present to me.

I would imagine the poor girl in this video would wait a little bit before she takes the drive test again, but luckily, there is no rule that says if you screw up too badly youíre forever banned from driving. After some more practice, sheíll get another shake without any preconceived biases related to this test, unless she somehow draws the short straw and winds up with the exact same instructor. Thereís no way in hell that guy will ever forget the day he flipped over before his student even made it around the first curve.

Pop Blendís thoughts go out to whatever maintenance workers had to come clean up this mess as quickly as possible so the rest of the road tests could continue.
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