Why Michael Douglas Isnít Allowed To See His Son

By Mack Rawden 2013-09-23 15:00:22
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In addition to thanking his estranged wife during his acceptance speech last night, Michael Douglas also gave a shoutout to his son Cameron who heís hoping to see soon. If Twitter and the Emmy party I was at are any indication, the reference confused many viewers who didnít know whether he was referencing a child custody battle or trying to make peace with a son he drifted away from. Well, it turns out the answer is extremely complicated and sad.

For much of the thirty-four-year-oldís life, Cameron has struggled with addiction. He was arrested for drug-related offenses on three separate occasions, the last of which got him sentenced to five years in jail for possession and intent to distribute. Unfortunately, since his sentencing, heís reportedly failed two separate drug tests, one of which added an additional 4 Ĺ years to his sentence and one of which got him sent to solitary confinement and banned from having visitors.

According to TMZ, Cameronís time in solitary confinement recently came to an end, but the Cumberland Federal Prison in Maryland still isnít allowing him to take any visitors, much to the chagrin of Michael and his ex-wife Diandra De Morrell Douglas. The two parents, who havenít always gotten along, are both working to try and get some form of visitation or at least a date when that might be acceptable, but thus far, they havenít been told when the ordeal might be over.

Michael wasnít exactly displeased when Cameron was originally sent to prison. At the time, he felt it was a chance for his son to get clean and completely start over upon release, but with all these failed drug tests, the sentence has turned into a significant portion of his life. Hopefully, he can see the error of his ways and emerge whenever he gets out as a better, healthier human being. After all, I think everyone in the Douglas family could use a little happiness right now.
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