That Woman Miguel Leg Dropped Might Have Brain Damage

By Mack Rawden 2013-06-04 13:11:08

As live music specials go, the Billboard Music Awards are typically a snoozefest. They often whip by without generating huge ratings or any huge controversies, only to crawl out of the obscurity hole twelve months later. This year, however, the action was a little more lively. From Justin Bieber getting booed to Nicki Minaj giving Lil Wayne a lap dance, the night was filled with plenty of surprises, none of which got more press than Miguel accidentally leg dropping a fan all up in her face. Moving forward, it now seems the Hulk Hogan finisher will continue to generate press too.

According to TMZ, the woman who unexpectedly took the brunt of the leg drop, Khyati Shah, has hired an attorney and is now claiming she may have brain damage from the incident. The results of a neurological test haven’t come back yet, but apparently, she’s having some cognitive difficulties, which could mean she’s having problems solving simple problems or could mean she forgot where her car was parked once and is now trying to springboard that into a lawsuit. Her lawyer says she’ll decide in the next few weeks whether or not to sue.

When people go to a concert, there’s an expectation of safety, especially at a gig that doesn’t involve mosh pits or intense dancing. That being said, life is filled with all sorts of random events, some of which involve injury. If Shah really is having serious problems as a result of this mishap, she has every right to be pissed. If she’s just looking for a quick handout, however, she should be ashamed of herself.

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