Would Howard Stern Work On America's Got Talent?

By Mack Rawden 2011-11-12 22:22:31
The deal hasnít been completed yet, but with each passing the day, the chances of seeing Howard Stern on Americaís Got Talent seem to be growing. The affable, intelligent and frequently filthy radio host has achieved great success over the past few decades, and the reality competition program would provide a unique new challenge. Thatís not to say heís sick of doing his radio show or intent on packing it in, but every now and again, a man needs a new mountain to climb.

That determination to reprove himself, along with a reported fifteen million dollars, makes Americaís Got Talent a very good offer for Stern, but those details say very little about whether he would actually be a good fit for the show.

Stern has proven on various talk shows for years that heís charming and engaging enough to be funny in a clean venue, but his primary skill set does involve his willingness to discuss often very taboo subjects. Americaís Got Talent is hardly the forum for pushing the envelope, and while I donít expect him to try and be overtly edgy, the family friendly content does limit his range. In addition, there are a certain percentage of people who have long disliked Howard Stern for the content of his radio show. Those viewers might not be pleased about his potential hiring.

That being said, Iím on board. Sternís ability to express himself cleverly and succinctly should lend itself to the structure of Americaís Got Talent, and his enthusiasm and altering perspective should add a new wrinkle to a show thatís become a bit monotonous. What do you think? Is Howard Stern a good fit for Americaís Got Talent? Sound off by voting in the poll belowÖ

Is Howard A Good Fit?


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