Lindsay Lohan Misses Her Flight, Will She Be In Court Tomorrow?

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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A few days ago, Lindsay Lohan threw up her middle finger at the plea agreement Santa Monica prosecutors offered her. As a defendant, itís obviously her right to take the riskier course in an attempt to get an acquittal, but in order to give herself an actual chance at victory, itís important that she bothers showing up. Unfortunately for her, it now seems thereís a chance that wonít happen.

According to TMZ, Lohan was supposed to take a plane from New York to Los Angeles yesterday evening, but when the plane took off, she wasnít on it. For whatever reason, she decided she didnít feel like traveling yesterday. Now sheís scheduled to take a different plane this evening. For most people, that would be a perfectly acceptable decision. Given Lohanís long history of being late or not showing up for things, however, thereís a legitimate chance her trial will begin tomorrow without her in attendance.

Personally, I think Lohan will get her act together and get there on time. She has to know sheíll really screw herself by not showing up, probably get her probation violated and probably end up in jail. Would I bet money on it, though? No, thereís no way I would bet on the actress making a wise, long-term decision.

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Will LiLo Be In Court Tomorrow?


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