We’re just days away from the release of Coldplay’s new album Mylo Xyloto, and the LP is already getting rave reviews from most outlets. It’s reportedly the group’s most electronic effort to date, but whether that’s a positive or a negative likely depends upon one’s personal taste. Considering the wide net the band has historically cast though, it seems unlikely too many fans will feel excluded. Plus, if the first single “Paradise” is any indication, lots of people are liking what they’re hearing.

According to USA Today, “Paradise” has already sold more than three hundred and fifty thousand downloads. It’s also currently toplining the adult-alternative airplay charts. That’s probably to be expected though. A strong case could be made that no modern band has more mainstream appeal than Coldplay, and it would be ludicrous to think their first single in years wouldn’t be widely heard. The real question is whether the group’s fans will be excited enough to purchase an entire album.

Ten years ago, I likely would have been wondering whether the LP would sell a million copies its first week, but expectations have changed a bit since the days when the Kid Rock’s of the world were going platinum seven times. So, I ask you: are you planning to purchase Coldplay’s newest CD? Do you feel the need to own Mylo Xyloto, or are you content to listen to the singles over the next few months on the radio? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

Are You Planning To Purchase Mylo Xyloto?

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