12 Rounds (2009)

12 Rounds
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12 Rounds Synopsis

Detective Danny Baxter is about to have the worst day of his life when an evil crime lord kidnaps his girlfriend and forces him to go "12 Rounds" around the streets of New Orleans.

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12 Rounds Release Date
In Theaters March 27, 2009
12 Rounds Credits
Starring: John Cena, Ashley Scott, Steve Harris, Brian J. White, Aidan Gillen, Taylor Cole, Lara Grice, Billy Slaughter, Peter Navy Tuiasosopo
Directed by: Renny Harlin
Produced by: Becki Cross Trujillo, Mark Gordon, Renny Harlin, Mike Lake, Josh McLaughlin, Vince McMahon
MPAA Rating: [ PG-13 ]
Distributor: Fox Atomic
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