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Everyone's Hero Synopsis

A young boy (Jake T. Austin) finds himself at an extraordinary crossroads: He has a chance to be a hero and make a difference against incredible odds or he can play it safe. With faith in himself instilled by his family, he teams up with a sassy young girl (Raven-Symone) and some off-the-wall sidekicks and embarks on a sometimes perilous, often funny, cross-country quest. In the process, he restores his family's honor, befriends the world's biggest sports superstar, and reveals the hero within. Christopher Reeve was the original director on this computer-generated animated feature, the late actor-director's dream project.

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Everyone's Hero Release Date
In Theaters September 15, 2006
Everyone's Hero Credits
Starring: William H. Macy, Rob Reiner, Brian Dennehy, Raven-Symoné, Robert Wagner, Richard Kind, Dana Reeve, Jake T. Austin, Joe Torre, Mandy Patinkin, Forest Whitaker, and Whoopi Goldberg
Directed by: Christopher Reeve, Daniel St. Pierre, Colin Brady
Produced by: Ron Tippe, Igor Khait
MPAA Rating: [ G ]
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
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