Five hundred years in the future, Joe Bowers (Luke Wilson) discovers he's the smartest man on the planet, and he becomes a close advisor to the president of the United States President Comacho (Terry Alan Crews) in IDIOCRACY.

You’ve just made one of the funniest movies of all time. It’s ignored in theaters but goes on to become one of history’s great cult classics, the subject of water cooler talk in offices the world over. How do you follow it up? If you’re Mike Judge, you don’t.

Judge unleashed Office Space on the world back in 1999, and since then has stayed pretty far away from the world of film. Actually, he’s stayed pretty far away from everything, living off fat King of the Hill residuals while red staplers fly off shelves and an entire nation of cubicle dwellers with a case of the Mondays considers corporate espionage as a way to get two chicks at the same time. Chicks dig a dude with money.

After seven years of hanging out in his living room Mike Judge finally returns to theaters this September with Idiocracy, a comedy about an underachieving slacker who goes to sleep in the present day and wakes up 1,000 in the future as the smartest guy in the world. He hasn’t changed, everyone else has just gotten dumber. For fans hoping to see more of Milton, forget it. There’s always a chance that Luke Wilson might end up taking a space-bat to a flying galactic-copier, but hopefully there won’t be cubicles in the future.

The setting has changed but Judge’s keen satirical sensibilities remain the same. Office Space tackled the microcosm of stupidity that is the modern workplace, Idiocracy tackles the macrocosm of stupidity that is the entire modern world. It’s a look at where we’re headed, if we keep on acting like idiots. Anyone following what’s going on in the Middle East right now would probably be quick to agree, that continued idiocy seems like a certainty. That means plenty of fodder for people like Judge. It’s not all bad.

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