Zoom (2006)

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Zoom Synopsis

Social outcast Summer Jones (Mara) is ushered away by her mysterious father (Allen) to a new school. She learns that her dad is secretly a superhero, and she's been brought to the academy where she, along with other kids, can develop her special talents. Soon into her training, Summer discovers that an enemy of the academy is plotting against the school ... and her.

I havenít seen it yet, but odds are this movie was a lot better the first time when it was called Sky High. Zoom will need all the Ron Wilson: Bus Driver it can beg, borrow, or steal from its superhero high school predecessor to lift itself beyond the direct to video direction it seems to be leaning to. Unfortunately, I doubt the kids of Sky High are likely to give them a Ron Wilson loaner.

Tim Allen is no Kurt Russell and Zoom is a retread of an idea that wasnít all that fresh the first three or four times someone did it. Itís been made to work in the past, but can Zoom squeeze more content out of the superhero school concept yet again? At least this isnít another Santa Clause sequel from Tim.

Oh damn, thatís happening too.

What the heck happened to Galaxy Quest 2?

I really like Tim Allen, and I root consistently for the guy to succeed. But his recent work hasnít exactly beenÖ wellÖ great. In fact, it hasnít been great at all. In Galaxy Quest he found the perfect vehicle, but so far heís avoided revisiting it in favor of redoing the work of others or redoing himself with an unending string of boorish Santa Clause follow-ups. Heís better than that but maybe now itís gone too far and heís too late in his career to show it, unless thereís a lot more to Zoom than meets the eye.

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Zoom Release Date
In Theaters August 11, 2006
Zoom Credits
Starring: Tim Allen (Jack/Captain Zoom), Spencer Breslin (Tucker), Courteney Cox (Marsha), Chevy Chase, Rip Torn, Aaron Abrams
Directed by: Peter Hewitt
Produced by: Todd Garner, Jennifer Todd, Suzanne Todd
MPAA Rating: [ TBA ]
Distributor: Sony Pictures
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