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Rat Race Have movie audiences gotten dumber or is it just the writers who are no longer able to handle scripts more complicated than their fourth grade production of ďThe Wizard of OzĒ? Even the light reflected off John Cleeseís hilariously white teeth couldnít obscure the mealy mouthed, two bit hack writing behind Rat Raceís script.

Rat Race stars a big time cast of mid level celebrities, which includes, but is not limited to Whoopi Goldberg, John Lovitz, Cuba Gooding Jr., and John Cleese. Sadly, all of the actors in the film are much funnier than the film itself. Based upon the 1960ís classic Itís a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Rat Race attempts to twist and update Madís tale of greed, disaster, and just plain bad luck. 8 normal people, 2,000,000 dollars, over 500 miles. The first one to the prize gets the cash. No rules, no help, just greed.

Like a knockoff Rolex sold by an aging street pimp, not only does Rat Race lack the complexity and charm of the original film, but somehow its director seems to have totally missed the point of the whole thing all together. Unlike Itís a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Rat Race is not a farcical commentary on human nature, but rather a series of practically unrelated incidents strung together in a haphazard and random manner in a pathetic effort to get laughs from cheap and poorly thought out gags.

The street pimps responsible for this film should suffer. Itís not that Rat Race is frighteningly bad, especially when compared with some of the other severely unfunny comedies foisted upon the unsuspecting public. But, its disturbing to discover that even a silly old film like Itís a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, which in its time was considered a ďmindless comedyĒ, is deviously intelligent by todayís standards.

Whatís more, the people actually in the film are FUNNY actors. They know what theyíre doing, their timing is impeccable, their delivery hilarious! But the material with which they are presented is so drab and shallow that its impossible to find much thatís ACTUALLY funny in anything Rat Raceís characters do.

The entire film can be summed up as a series of trips, falls, and badly filmed car wrecks, punctuated by one truly funny scene where John Lovitz steals Hitlerís car and invades a World War II Veteranís convention. Maybe itís worth it to have a good laugh at Hitlerís expense, but who really cares? On my way home I picked up a copy of Itís a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, I suggest you do the same.

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