Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Count In Adorable Sesame Street Video image
When there’s a mystery afoot, who better to solve it than the real-life counterpart of Sherlock Holmes himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, eh? That’s exactly what happened when Sesame Street put the Sherlock star on the case of Murray (oh, sorry, Murray-arty)’s apples and oranges. And with a little help from Count Von Count, The Sign of Four has turned into the most adorable video of the day.
Alicia Lutes 2014-02-04
Sesame Street Parodies Homeland With Homelamb image
Sesame Street has a little something for everyone, including the Homeland fan. While the Showtime terrorism-focused drama might not seem like a good fit for a children’s program, Sesame Street knows how to tone down a plot and play up whatever humor might be mined from even the most serious of subjects for the sake of their young audience
Kelly West 2013-10-28
Star Wars The Clone Wars, Billy Eichner And Sesame Street's Kevin Clash Among Daytime Emmy Nominees image
The nominations for the 40th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards were announced and CBS came out on top in total nominations, with 50. PBS trailed behind with 44 nominations, and ABC earned 38. For CBS, it was The Young and the Restless that helped it hit the top spot, earning almost half of the network's nominations, with 23. For ABC, it was General Hospital, which secured 19 nominations.
Kelly West 2013-05-01
Watch Sesame Street's Funny Upside Downton Abbey Spoof image
Sesame Street has their own way of doing things. The long-running children's program has a knack for finding funny ways of teaching a lesson. Take "upside down," for example. What better way to teach kids about the phrase than with a a sketch that has two characters stuck upside down? And what better way to entertain their parents by throwing a Downton Abbey twist in? Check out this sketch, titled "Upside Downton Abbey" ahead!
Kelly West 2013-02-01
Kevin Clash, Elmo Puppeteer, Officially Resigns From Sesame Street image
Last week, Kevin Clash took a hiatus from Sesame Street to deal with an allegation he illegally had sex with a sixteen-year-old boy some years ago. A settlement was eventually brokered, paving the way for the Elmo puppeteer to return to work. Unfortunately, Clash was hit with a fresh allegation by a different accuser yesterday, and rather than turn Sesame Street into a mess of controversy, he’s officially decided to resign from the show effective immediately.
Mack Rawden 2012-11-20
Sesame Street Takes Aim At HBO With Birdwalk Empire image
Things are just beginning to heat up on the third season of HBO’s award winning Boardwalk Empire and blood is sure to be spilled soon but something tells me disputes are handled a bit differently down on the “Birdwalk.” That’s right, when waddle comes to hop during a spoof of the prohibition drama on the celebrated children’s show Sesame Street, a few feathers may fly but ultimately things come to a peaceful flapping resolution. Confused? Just watch the PBS series spoof HBO with ”Birdwalk Empire”…
Jesse Carp 2012-10-01
Remembering The Muppets' Jerry Nelson With 6 Great Musical Moments image
As we reported earlier, Muppets puppeteer and voice-actor Jerry Nelson has passed away. With a list of voice credits that includes The Count for Sesame Street, Robin the Frog for the Muppets, Gobo Fraggle of Fraggle Rock and Emmet Otter for Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas, I felt compelled to scour Youtube for some of the man's best musical moments in the Muppetverse.
Kelly West 2012-08-24
Sesame Street And Fraggle Rock's Jerry Nelson Has Passed Away image
It is with great sadness that we share the news that Jerry Nelson has passed away. Those who grew up watching Sesame Street may be more familiar with his voice than his name or face. Nelson was the voice and puppeteer behind a number of characters, including Count von Count, otherwise known as the Count, the Dracula-like purple vampire with a deep appreciation for numbers.
Kelly West 2012-08-24
Pink Slips On Sesame Street: A Dozen Laid Off Today image
Sesame Workshop, which produces the famed Sesame Street had financial problems just a few years ago. Back in 2009, despite being the 15th most watched kids program on television, the company was forced to let go more than 60 of its employees after funding was cut. Today, the company was forced to hand out pink slips to another 12 employees, this time mostly in the Digital Media department.
Jessica Grabert 2012-05-24
Sesame Street Seeks Help Tracking Down The Original Gordon image
Most of us with fond memories of the long-running children’s series Sesame Street are familiar with Roscoe Orman’s version of Gordon Robinson, as he played the part of the friendly teacher since 1974. However before him, Hall Miller and Matt Robinson had the part. But the original Gordon, who appeared in an unaired pilot, is an unknown man that Sesame Street is trying to track down.
Kelly West 2011-11-11
Meet Sesame Street's New Muppet Lily, Here To Address Poverty And Hunger Issues image
In an odd bit of co-branding, the introduction of Lily is coming as part of a one-hour special called Growing Hope Against Hunger, sponsored by Walmart and also featuring singer brad Paisley and his wife. The show seems to be part of an ongoing Walmart effort to bring attention not just to families going hungry, but the even bigger problem of "food deserts" and general lack of access to nutritious food
Katey Rich 2011-10-04
Petition Calls For Gay Marriage On Sesame Street image
Can you tell me how to get a gay marriage on Sesame Street? With an online petition, that’s how! A petition asking Sesame Street to have Bert and Ernie - long considered by many to be the gayest characters in children’s television - enter into matrimony has appeared online and sparked all kinds of controversy. The petition is closing in on 3000 signatures in favor of the Muppet marriage.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2011-08-10
Grover Goes Old Spice In This Funny Sesame Street Clip image
While you might have better things to do than watch a Sesame Street clip, especially if you don't have kids, this one is worth looking at if you’re a fan of the famous “I’m on a Horse” Old Spice commercial.
Kelly West 2010-10-11
Katy Perry Will Take Her Cleavage To The Simpsons And Turn Homer Into A Muppet image
The Simpsons is planning a parody of Katy Perry’s controversial Sesame Street cleavage problem, with a little help from Katy Perry
Josh Tyler 2010-09-27
Katy Perry's Sesame Street Ousting: Reasonable Or Oversensitive? image
It seems Katy Perry’s not welcome on Sesame Street… or her cleavage isn’t, anyway. So say some of the parents who, after glimpsing the low-cut dress she was wearing in a clip from an upcoming episode, complained and got Perry’s appearance pulled.
Kelly West 2010-09-23
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