Sony's New PRS-700 E-Reader A Worthy Foe For Kindle image
I’m currently listening to The Omnivore’s Dilemna and am quite satisfied with getting my extra reading in via audio. I know that for some reason Kindle is leading a revolution of the e-reader, a fact that I just can’t get behind no matter how cool or non-headache inducing the device may be. But it’s certainly no surprise that others are trying to get in on the action.
Steve West 2008-10-02
Amazon Advertising Invading Tivo image
It’s not like Tivo is making you watch ads before viewing a show. But the ability to fast forward through commercials has long been a sticking point with advertisers and networks with Tivo. So the company has made some compromises.
Steve West 2008-07-22
One-Click Site Set Up To Help Rid Amazon Of Audible DRM image
Remember when Amazon bought audiobook company Audible? And there was the brouhaha over DRM where Amazon said if the people want it they’ll get rid of DRM. This was despite major publishers like Random House Audio saying they want their products sold without DRM.
Steve West 2008-06-11
How's The Kindle Actually Doing? image
Normally I’m not a guy who cares about sales numbers. If it has nothing to do with my business, then I just don’t want to know. I have a passing interest in things that I like, such as video games. When the guys at Infinity Ward are rewarded with high sales for such a superb game I’m happy for them and the lucky individuals who get to play Call of Duty 4.
Steve West 2008-05-19
Penguin Publishing On Board With E-Books image
Penguin is jumping onto the ever more popular “ebook” craze. The publisher has announced that they will start releasing an “ebook” version alongside new paper releases starting in September. In addition to that an initiative to get around 5,000 back catalogue titles onto your e-reader is under way.
Steve West 2008-04-13
Amazon Will Eliminate Audible DRM If You Want image
Many years ago I jumped onto the bandwagon. With a NYC work commute approaching two hours on slow train days I needed something that would keep my brain occupied. At least more so than listening to “Rocking the Suburbs” fifteen times a week. It is with great interest as I watch how Amazon handles the acquisition of my old favorite digitally distributed audio book retailer.
Steve West 2008-02-01
Amazon Starts Selling MP3s image
One of the Internet’s biggest vendors just became competition for one of the Internet’s biggest services, as launched a digital music store today, opening with a library of nearly 2.3 million songs according to the Associated Press. Among the library are tracks from Universal and EMI, two major labels, which differentiates Amazon’s store from many other online vendors.
Rafe Telsch 2007-09-25
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