E3 2007: Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 Console - Ewwww

By Steve West 2007-07-13 00:20:24
Early pictures of the Microsoft stage at E3 had gamers wondering what the fourth console was. Now that Peter Moore has hefted it up one handed, we wish he would have just dropped the thing. The inevitable Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 was unveiled at E3, and the Halo fanboy deep in the cochles of my heart just threw up a little. To call the design ugly is an understatement. The whole look is an affront to sensible humans everywhere. No doubt Master Chief would be very angry if this were presented to him as a birthday present. Iím thinking spike grenades and a BR burst would be in store for the delivery person.

Look, Iím all for Halo merchandise. Most of the time anything Halo related is snatched up in 2 parsecs. This 360 is ďarmy greenĒ and features copper coloring where you get chrome on the Premium console. It also features those distinctive Halo lines and artwork, and a Halo logo on the hard drive. What they showed comes with the 20GB hard drive, which begs one simple question: Why? If someone is going to shell out cash just to have a Halo themed 360 Iím sure they might like the bigger HDD. Hopefully youíll be able to get both when the Halo Xbox 360 launches later this year.

Microsoft gave no information on pricing or date of release. Most likely weíll see it in September, but you have to wonder when. With a Halo branded console coming out you can pretty much guarantee that 360 price drop wonít come any earlier than Fall. Why would MS miss the opportunity to increase their install base at the original price? Back to the puke machine now. Along with the console gamers will get other Halo themed accessories to complete the madness when the legendary Halo 3 launches on September 25th.
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