Micrsoft Denies Blu-ray Capable Xbox 360...Again

By Steve West 2008-05-05 19:41:17
Itís come to the point with the Xbox 360 with Blu-ray fiasco that Iíll only believe it when I can walk into a store and purchase one. Even an official confirmation from Microsoft might not persuade me it is real. Weíve seen so many attempts to get this rumor going, and immediately following a denial statement comes out from Redmond. The latest rumor of Blu-ray on 360 surfaced late last week, and Microsoft has once again shot down the rumor.

Microsoft told GamePro, "As we have stated, we have no plans to introduce a Blu-ray drive for Xbox 360." I honestly donít need to have a Blu-ray drive in my 360. It would only come out as a separate drive, and thus wouldnít be used for games. Even if Microsoft shoved a Blu-ray drive into the console itself they couldnít allow developers to split the market again. Itís bad enough with a 360 model on store shelves sans hard drive.

If you really want a Blu-ray player Ė and you are actually a gamer, rather than a loudmouthed fanboy Ė then go buy a damn PS3. There are plenty of great games available, and coming down the pipe. And itís the best value for a movie player out there. Now if you donít mind Iím going to go use my 360 to play GTA IV, and I wonít lose any sleep over Microsoftís decision to include a Blu-ray drive.
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