NES Controller Coffee Table

By Steve West 2008-05-11 12:35:58
I keep running into projects and ideas that I wish Iíd thought of. Last week it was the pixilated gaming cutting boards, and this week itís a giant Nintendo Controller Coffee Table. Sure, we just picked up a new coffee table (furniture seems to rule my life this month). But do you think my wife would mind if I made one of these? Perhaps I could mod it to just be a table topÖyeah, thatíll go over real well.

Over at his blog Ė called Ultra Awesome Ė Kyle Downes talks about building the giant NES controller. The best part of the whole thing is that the controller works. You can play games with it. How efficiently is another question. But you have to give Kyle credit for a genius idea, and then making it work. Itís just too bad my NES has been dead and buried for many years now. An Xbox 360 controller coffee table just isnít practical. Everything would fall off.

A simple piece of glass sits atop the controller to protect the surface and buttons, and to make it usable as a coffee table. And it even opens up for storage space. You can read about the final product, as well as previous blog postings on the tableís construction over at Kyleís blog.
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