What If Apple Had Designed The PSP?

By Steve West 2008-02-26 19:28:07
Apple makes slick products. And Sony now has Skype on the PSP, turning it into a sort of PSPhone. So its no wonder that someone would put their Photoshop skills to work making a hybrid. You can see the image to the right, and it essentially looks like an iPhone with some Playstation buttons added. Im assuming its an iPhone because there are zero analog sticks, so wed need the touch screen. The press release I received did not specify any details.

A point about thatit never really worked well for the DS to use that little thumb nub as a pseudo thumbstick. So the results of this design in gameplay are dubious at best. The other issue is simply that there are icons for a lot of games on the device. Now, if you were to buy a Sony PSP that was designed by the Apple team Im sure it would be expensive. So you could afford ginormous memory sticks. But what youd need to hold all of those games, plus all of the iPhone apps would be just too much.

And while Im mentioning things, the clickwheel as a d-pad replacement is interesting. Technically it would work, but Ive always been a thumb roller. Having the full d-pad to rest my thumb on and then shift accordingly is how I play games. That doesnt work the same with individual buttons, especially those that are used in the iPod clickwheels.

All that said the pic looks nice. The creator, Pilau, even went so far as to have the standard Apple gradient background with reflection. True, those are basic Photoshop tricks, but theres a reason Apple uses them. Theyre effective.
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