Knight Rider GPS Unit Gives Directions, Doesn't Drive Car

By Steve West 2008-06-22 22:58:47
Iíve yet to get myself a GPS for the car. In general I either know my way around, or I can figure things out. Although on those occasions where Iíve found myself circling around my destination with no clear plan or path to get there I could have used one. And Iím fairly certain I wouldnít drive into a wall or lake, unless the GPS was quite persuasive. But Iíve just found the GPS device that is going on my Wish List as soon as it becomes available: Mio Knight Rider GPS.

Thatís right, if I canít afford to buy one of the KITTs from Knight Rider then Iíll just take KITTs voice. This new GPS is pretty much the standard fair when it comes to normal features. But you do get the voice of KITT (and weíre talking Mr. Feeney William Daniels here) telling you how to get around in a snarky voice. The unit also has red LED lights similar to that on the front of the infamous car.

Mio plans to sell the Knight Rider themed GPS unit for $270 when it gets released.
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