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Hancock Coming To BRAVIA HDTV Owners First

Sony’s BRAVIA Internet Video Link has been mediocre at best so far. At least when you consider the $299 add-on pricing. I can watch YouTube on my computer. So it’s odd that I don’t like the offering of Hancock prior to its Blu-ray release. After all, this is the sort of content BRAVIA owners are expecting from Sony. Here’s the issue: why in the hell is this system not being integrated onto the PlayStation Network?

New Xbox Preloading Games Experience Works, If You Have The Space

The reason mega games like Metal Gear Solid 4 have to be loaded onto your PS3 is because the transfer rate of early generation blu-ray drives is exponentially slower than DVD. Without preloading there would be a load screen every 5 minutes in PS3 games. Or the traditional load screens would be 3x as long, or longer. But Microsoft doesn’t want to be left out of this preloading craze

How Do The Studios Stack Up On Blu-ray Releases?

Blu-ray is expensive. The players are not cheap, and neither are the discs. So when you spend that ridiculous $30+ on a movie you expect it to be of the highest quality. Yet so many studios are pushing out lazy SD content that doesn’t even include the standard features of a DVD release. Having already been burned by the early days of DVD (hey there horrible Goodfellas transfer) I’ve kept a keen eye on what films are worth picking up on Blu-ray right now. In case you were wondering, as I was, Kill Bill look spectacular in Blu-ray format.

Iron Man Crushes BD-Live

I’m sure that as of right now I am not alone in having watched possibly the best put together Blu-ray disc to hit the market in Iron Man. At least until we get that Lord of the Rings set (soon please). I spent a good hour going over the Hall of Armor as I learned the most random details on Stark’s invention. And then there were the hours long making of that went into painstaking detail on bringing Shell Head to the big screen.

LG Bringing Netflix To Its Blu-ray Player This September

Netflix has flung themselves full on in the streaming movie business. They recently announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring the service to Xbox LIVE customers this fall. Now the LG BD300, with Netflix streaming capability, is an announced reality.

Dish Network To Offer 1080p Video On Demand Movies

Dish Network is going to give you 1080p resolution starting in August. Or no…this is probably just marketing speak to make you think you’re getting Blu-ray quality images on your satellite service. You see, they can say they’re sending along a 1080p signal but it can be compressed and downgraded just like any signal.

Microsoft Working To Support Blu-Ray

It almost sounds that there is still a high definition battle going on, despite the format finally being settled upon. Still, it’s good to hear Microsoft is moving towards accepting Blu-ray in some way. Regardless of their belief of digital distribution, consumers have just been put through one fight where digital release wasn’t a contender.

Toshiba Might Pull HD-DVD Plug Soon

HD-DVD appears to be a dead format spinning. Rumors that Toshiba is tempted to jump on a Blu-ray player – you know, just in case – along with the recent deadly blows dealt to the format have put a countdown timer on the format’s viability. Of course, even if HD-DVD flops as a personal media format it could still flourish as a data storage format.

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