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Best Buy's Black Friday Deals...Or No Deal

I don’t know if you noticed, but the Best Buy Black Friday ad hit the interwebs earlier. It wouldn’t be your fault if you didn’t notice because the deals are lame. Seriously and inexcusably lame. I guess it doesn’t matter to someone like me who never comes within 100 yards of a store on Black Friday. But what about all the deal hounds out there?

Circuit City Is Reeling And On The Ropes

It looks like Circuit City is in dire straights at the moment. Although I guess most companies and individuals are as the market plummets on a daily basis. The electronics retailers isn’t quite ready to take its final death gasp, but after losing $239 million and stock prices dipping below 50 cents a share things don’t look good. I mentioned to my wife whilst enjoying a brownie last night that perhaps Circuit City should overcharge in the style of Best Buy.

Best Buy To Acquire Napster

Napster, Inc., the online music sharing community that came about because Seth Green fell asleep and had nappy hair…or that’s the version I remember at least – is being purchased by Best Buy. Yes, Best Buy the store is acquiring Napster. The deal works out to be about $127 million, which is indeed a lot of money to us lowly folk.

Microsoft Sort Of Copying Apple Genius Bar

Microsoft should just stop going to toe to toe with Apple. Each time they go and “copy” a Cupertino idea it fails miserably. Microsoft can’t compete on the commercial front, even though the Mac vs PC ads are starting to get stale. Now Microsoft is looking to combat the Apple Genius’ with some Microsoft Gurus.

Best Buy Starts New Electronics Recycling Initiative

Recycling electronics sucks. In my house there are currently 2 desktop PCs and one laptop that are of no use to me. I’ve cannibalized the parts I need and the rest sits there, taunting me. Daring me to pollute the world and throw them away in the trash. The reason is that if you look into recycling your junk electronics you discover all kinds of fees and shipping charges you’ll have to pay.

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