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Guitar Hero Figurines Now Available At Toys R Us

For some reason figurines are a popular portion of the geek culture. Video games come packed with them in special limited edition cases, and die hards will spend lots of money searching the internet to complete a collection. I don’t go in for that, most likely because as an adult I don’t know what I’d do with them. But that doesn’t stop figurines from being popular.

Batman And Iron Man Figures Better Than Plastic Toys

I should have known to just be patient after finding out how horribly cheap the Iron Man toys were. All the way in the land of the rising sun, at the Tokyo Toy Show, a couple of figures were shown off that should make most collector’s drool. Both Iron Man and Batman made an appearance on the showroom floor.

Muppet Star Wars Figures From A Theme Park Not So Far Away

Each year at Disney World the parks open up to another group of rabid fans. For a single weekend at the happiest place on earth is transformed into the happiest place in a galaxy far far away. Star Wars weekend is a celebration of all things Force-full.

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