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Airlines To Get GPS Navigation...Someday

I’m here to have a very special talk with you about an important issue. An issue that affects thousands of people each and every day. Look, I know that paying for a flight costs an unseemly amount of money. And now, as I found out first hand a few weeks ago, airlines are trying to nickel and dime passengers out of money to pay exorbitant gas prices. It sucks, and I don’t necessarily begrudge the airlines.

Knight Rider GPS Unit Gives Directions, Doesn't Drive Car

I’ve yet to get myself a GPS for the car. In general I either know my way around, or I can figure things out. Although on those occasions where I’ve found myself circling around my destination with no clear plan or path to get there I could have used one. And I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t drive into a wall or lake, unless the GPS was quite persuasive.

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