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Airlines To Get GPS Navigation...Someday

I’m here to have a very special talk with you about an important issue. An issue that affects thousands of people each and every day. Look, I know that paying for a flight costs an unseemly amount of money. And now, as I found out first hand a few weeks ago, airlines are trying to nickel and dime passengers out of money to pay exorbitant gas prices. It sucks, and I don’t necessarily begrudge the airlines.

Real Life Giant LEGO Indiana Jones Boulder

Ever since I saw the first video below, featuring the infamous opening boulder sequence of Raiders in LEGO form, I’ve been enthralled with the idea of Indiana Jones in block form. But it looks like some guys were far more motivated than I ever could be.

Hasbro Shows Off Indiana Jones Toys

Any true Indiana Jones fan is incomplete without authentic toys and figures to carry along to the movie. Hasbro has unveiled the official lineup of Indy toys, which we have in the gallery below. Before you read any further please note that the images of the new toys may be a bit spoilerific. You have to make some connections in your mind to see the spoilers, but they are definitely there.

It's The Tater Of The Lost Ark

I thought these specialty Mr. Potato Heads were pretty funny when they first came out, but I’m wondering if they haven’t worn out their welcome. Then again, seeing a specialty smile created for an Indiana Jones Potato Head is pretty entertaining. I don’t know that I’d pick one up, but I probably will point and laugh when I see them in stores.

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